martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

How to play games using the Whiteboard: My favourite game, The Hangman.

Have you ever played this game? I'm sure you have played it at least once in your life! 
We sometimes play Hangman with kids when teaching the alphabet, but it is also an interesting game for other types of activities.
Can you guess how?

The Hangman is an incredible time-saver in your lessons. Do not prepare worksheets for that day, and  use the last 15 minutes to play with them. 
Have you got a projector and a whiteboard in the class? Great! Ask your students to be the teachers during the game. They will love using the whiteboard as well as solving the exercises.

Playing games creates a better atmosphere in the class and you can apply this game to any student. You just have to  choose the topic and start guessing the different letters that form missing word.

So... Ready, Steady, Go!!

Let's play together !

Click here and you will access to the game.

Enjoy it!!

Kisses and hugs,
Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.

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