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December 2013: Christmas is again close to us, so we should be ready! Different activities are suggested to be done in our English class! Escuela Infantil Magazine is the perfect one for you and your students!

November-December 2013: This is another magazine, this time it is a digital one which focuses education on very young students. It is called ACENTO and you can find different suggestions, ideas, and articles which will help you a lot.

From November 2013: I start a new project on the radio. I'm very happy to be there sharing with people different ideas, resources, links... to be applied in our class with the Whiteboard. You can listen to the programme through the internet. This is the link to Educa en Digital.  A radio programme with different ICT ideas ;).

September-October 2013: School has started again, it's time to prepare activities that motivate our students to feel welcome at school. Are you ready??
Hello Teachers, Hello Friends, Welcome Back to School Again shows you different ideas to be done in your daily English lessons.
Clic in the photo and read the article in PDF!!!!

July-August 2013: A great article that shows how to play with kids on a journey and make  parents and children have fun together!

May-June 2013 :Article centered in summer and giving different ideas to be done during this season with our kids.

An interview for the best educative newspaper,  Magisterio. Thanks to Magisterio and the journalist Virginia Seseña for this interview.
I'm really happy for that ;). March 2013. 

Escuela Infantil January-February 2013

"Hello Winter" my article: January-February 2013

Escuela Infantil November - Dicember 2012

"Santa Claus is coming to town". November-Dicember 2013

Reading "Back to School"
 Escuela Infantil Magazine, Septiember-October 2012

I'm so happy with my last collaboration! October 2012 :D

Me and Escuela Infantil Magazine ( May-June 2012)

My last article focused on summer: A picnic Day!

An interview ;)

Escuela Infantil, the magazine. MARCH-APRIL 2012

Spring article is ready!!! It's Spring Time!! :P

Escuela Infantil, February 2012, Carnival at school!!
Dear friends,
During the year 2011-2012 I've been writing different articles. This is a dream that is becoming true.All my articles are about Education in the English area.

I feel really happy and I really would like you to read them and be part of this great project.

My firt article was written for the  OXFORD MAGAZINE, from  O.U.P. You can read it on this LINK. It's an English recipe to teach Christmas topic using as a resource the New technologies.

All I want for Christmas is... My first article published by the Oxford Magazine,December 2011.

Later,I've been writing different articles for the ESCUELA INFANTIL magazine. You can get it every month.

Daniela, maestraconPDI, contenta tras recibir su ejemplar y ver su artículo publicado ;-)


Quiero dar las gracias a Nina Lauder por su confianza y apoyo  y por brindarme esa gran oportunidad de escribir para Oxford.

También quiero dar las gracias a mi buena amiga Ximena Montilla, quién siempre confía en mis posibilidades y me anima a ir hacia adelante.

Agradezco a Ana Sevillano su confianza en mi trabajo y el brindarme esta oportunidad de aportar mi granito de arena a la revista Escuela Infantil.

Agradezco enormemente el apoyo y cariño dado por parte de mis padres y mi marido en esta nueva etapa profesional.

Gracias a todos vosotros yo hoy soy más feliz si cabe :D


Daniela A. Ayala   Molinari.
Maestra especialista en lengua extranjera y amante de las NNTT aplicadas a la educación.

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