miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012


Last Monday, the 7th of May, we celebrated our 4th Birthday party ;).
It's nice to see how this blog is growing, and how children and other teachers and parents as well, follow our publications and ideas...
I feel very happy with this proyect, because it let me feel better and I can share my ideas,the  resources I find on the internet or libraries and  all those feelings that surround me, with you all... :D
Thank you very much for being part of Daniela's Class!!
Let's blow the candles together! Make a wish!! One, two, three...blowwww!!! :D

Happy birthday, dear readers!!
Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.(MaestraconPDI :P)

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

With all our love, Happy Mother's Day!

On the 6th of May, it's celebrated Mother's Day ;) A special day for kids and moms :P
I would like you listen to this great song and also have a look at these resources.
Remember to kiss and hug your mom, and make this day special and beautiful  ;-D
Enjoy your day,moms!!
Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.
Coloring pages
Dot to dot activity
More resources