miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Let's practice Counting from 1 to 20 !!!

Hello everybody!!
During these days I'm trying to fix some concepts in my class. Some basic concepts must be learnt before starting the new units.
So today I'm sharing these nice videos with you all.
Please, watch them and repeat the pronounciation,
it will be great learning the numbers like this!!

Have a nice day,
Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Activities and Resources for FALL / AUTUMN

Autumn has just arrived in Europe, so I'm a bit depressed because it's clear that our holidays have finished,snif, snif :P he,he,he... Anyway, I also like Autumn! Beautiful colours, soft breezes, the rain ....and so on ;) It sounds romantic, don't you think so? ;-)

Today, I bring you different websites to find resources about FALL / AUTUMN.
You can use them wether in infant and primary Education. They're great!!

If you need posters and ornamets for your class, have a look at La Tienda del Profesor, where you will find excellent materials for this topic. Children will love the posters and stickers.
stickers available at LA TIENDA DEL PROFESOR // Pegatinas disponibles en La Tienda del Profesor


As a presente, here there is a nice and easy song called 10 little leaves, similar to the famous, ten little indians ;) 
Kisses and hugs,
Teacher Daniela Ayala.

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Guidelines for the ASESSMENT of English Language Learners

Hello everybody!
All teachers know how important it's to have a clear idea of asessment.
Teachers need to choose some items, so as to evaluate the students.
This is the reason why I've been looking for some information about this theme.
You can read the information directly to the LINK
I'm sure you will find this really helpful.
Have a nice week!
Daniela A. Ayala M.

sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

SCIENCE (CLIL) : Incredible videos to learn about NUTRITION and FOOD!!

Hello!! Happy Saturday everybody! 
Today I would like you watch this nice video about nutrition and food.
It's great to teach primary children the basic info about food.
Enjoy the day!!
Remember that you can find me on facebook as DanielaMaestraconPDI 
Lots of kisses,
Daniela A. Ayala M.

miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Hablan de nosotros en Blogosfera ESL ;)

Mis queridos amigos:
Ya llevamos 3 días de cole por estas tierras con nuestros alumnos. Período de adaptación para todos, el cuál marcha realmente bien. 
Hoy os escribo para contaros que en Blogosfera ESL hablan de MaestraconPDI y también English4childrentoday. 
Por eso estoy contenta ;) Poco a poco, todo este trabajo realizado y compartido a través de mis dos blogs educativos, está siendo reconocido y agradecido por miles de visitantes, compañeros docentes, familias y alumnos, lo cuál agradezco enormemente.
Estas recomendaciones hechas en otros sites, motivan muchísimo a continuar con esta labor, de modo que THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Aprovecho para invitaros a visitar El blog de TIC en Lenguas extranjeras, en donde podréis encontrar otros excelentes blogs y enlaces de INGLÉS de tantos docentes que día a día se esfuerzan por innovar y compartir. ¡GRACIAS A TODOS ELLOS!

Seguiremos publicando artículos, ideas, enlaces, videos, y recursos para disfrutar juntos del proceso de la EDUCACIÓN.
Un fuerte abrazo,
Teacher Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

Let's enjoy with our first week activities at School!

Hello!! I'm so happy! I have started school today at a new school and I feel really well :P I'm sure this year everything is gonna be perfect too! How about you? How was your first day at school?

During this week I've been thinking about some basic activities to be practiced with children during the first weeks of school, just to get in touch with them and make them feel confident with us.

It's very important to think about some tasks before children come back to school.
Are you ready ?

Today I propose this game for the first days at school. It will help you know what level your students have as well as having fun with them in the English class.
Have a look at each of the photos and click on them to read more information about this game.
Everything I show you here was bought at La Tienda del Profesor, in Madrid.
But... you can also buy things through the internet, in case you are not from Madrid :)

Calle Gaztambide, 9 
La Tienda del Profesor
Madrid 28015   Tlf.: 915 50 0079
There're also avaiable other levels, visit the website or click in the photo to know more info about this game.

On the other hand, you can also use SIGHT WORD WHEELS , A great resource to refresh vocabulary and practice a little bit more the English pronunciation and vocabulary.
It's a printable book that really helps you prepare different tasks and topics.
Click in the photo and read more information about this useful English resource.

Students love wheels, so I'm sure it'll work perfectly with your students.

I hope these ideas really help you to plan these first weeks at school. If you need anything just let me know writing a message in each article.

Have a fantastic week and remember to be as happy as possible!!
Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.