jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

Autumn is here!!! Many different songs to teach kids this nice season ;)

Hello everybody! 

Today I'd like to share with you all a list of different videos that are interesting to be used when teaching Autumn to our students.

Songs and movement will create a different atmosphere in our lessons, so our students will be involved on it in a more natural way.

I'm sure they will all have fun with them!
Lots of kisses,
teacher Daniela Ayala.

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Time for a song! Lukas Graham 7 years

Hello dear friends!
My students love this song! In fact I may say this one creates special emotional feelings in my English lessons.
It's great doing this task with them and see how well they behave in the activity. Sometimes teachers get magic with the tasks done in a class, don't you agree?

It has been a day to be remembered in my life!;-D so thank you so much to all my students for following my lessons with beautiful smiles and good disposal.

Enjoy this song, your song, my song ...
Kisses and hugs,
Teacher Daniela A. Ayala M.


Hello everybody!
A student of mine asked me to publish this  song on this blog ;-).
It's something we have watched and worked in class recently. I hope you like it too :D
Thanks for watching it!
Kisses and hugs,
Daniela A. Ayala M.

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2015

ScienceNetLinks: A great website to find educative apps ;)

Hi hello!!!

Here I am again with great news! My baby was born last 25th March, and this is the reason why I haven't written anything during the last months. So sorry for that, but he still needs us almost the 24 hours a day.

Anyway, I found this website and in this great relax moment I decided to share the link with you.

You all know how good mobile devices are in education and how I love them, don't you?
Today, I invite you all to visit this website: ScienceNetLinks.
It has a lot of apps to be used in the science class, and they're organised according to age, level and use.

I will try with some of them!!

Clic on the LINK to see the website.

See you in a next post then!

A big hug,
teacher Daniela Ayala.

domingo, 15 de marzo de 2015

Here it is!! Saint Patrick's Day 2015!!! Art and Crafts ideas :-D

Hello everybody! Today I'm in a very happy mood, because one of my favourite festivals is coming up!!
Next tuesday, the seventeeth, Saint Patrick's Day is going to be celebrated everywhere, specially in Ireland! .

Will you celebrate it in your English class?

If you still don't have any idea of what this festival is, please, use this button. It's on the right side of my blog. Write there "Saint Patrick's Day" and you will see all the resources and ideas I've been posting in the last years. Don't forget to share them on the net!! ;_)

You will also understand the story listening to this beautiful song:

As I know you love English and festivals, I'm sure you'll enjoy these ideas I've found on Pinterest.
You can also follow my PIN BOARD here.

We as teachers, should always motivate our students in the English teaching-learning process. We can do it using different strategies. Why not using art and crafts?
These photos are just a simple example of what you can do with kids in your English class or at home ;).
Enjoy them all!! 
Happy Saint Patricks Day!!! 
Kisses and hugs,
Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.

Snoopy and Teacher Daniela wish you Happy Saint Patrick's Day! ;) 

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

Learning the ABC and colours!

Learning the alphabet and the colours are the basic things our students should know in the first term of 1st grade Primary Education.

Today, I'd like you test this on called: Color by Letter.
A woman says the instructions. In the right column there're two letters and in the left side you can read and choose the different colours.

Once you've finished the exercise, the word is spelled.

I think this interactive activity is good for 5-6 year old students.
I hope you all love it!!
Do not forget to show this activity in the whiteboard. 
Coloring the star there will be totally different!!

Have an excellent week!!

Daniela A. Ayala M.
PS: Happy teacher's Day to all of you!!! ;)

jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

5 "Back to School" Kindergarten Stories.

"Mummy, Mummy, I'd like to hear a new story,pleaseeee... "How many times have you heard this on a child's voice? Although you're a mum/dad or not, I know you've lived this situation at least once :D.

Children and young learners need stories to feel confident, to grow up and to feel how creative life could be. So... I've been thinking about the different stories my parents told me when I was a very young girl, and I can say that I still remember some of them...

Today I'm not going to tell you these stories, but I'll share 5 different videos with beautiful and great stories you can use in your English class during the first weeks of school.

Is it a smile in your face? Good!!! :D I'm sure you also remember some of these nice momentos when we were in the kindergarten or in the first years of school, don't you?

Our students are looking for a teacher who motivates them in the English learning process and this can surely start throughout a story.

Have you ever felt like a child? I have! and today is a good starting point to repeat this feeling.

They are all beautiful stories ;) . Let's enjoy watching them!

Ready, steady, Go!!!



In a next episode I promise to record my own story!!;-) 
Kisses and hugs,
Teacher Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.

See you!!!!