jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

Other kingdoms: Fungus / Fungi

Dearn Teachers and students,
As we're studying " Living Things" I decided to add this video. This is a short summary that will show you the most important aspects of this kingdom: Fungi ( hongos) Fungus (hongo).

Click on play and watch it.

Have a nice day!!

Daniela A. Ayala M

lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Presentaciones para las clases de Science ( CLIL)

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¡Holaaa! Estoy requetecontenta porque acabo de dar con un recurso buenísimo para tod@s nosotr@s.
Como os conté, en la lección 1: Living Things decidí hacer mi propio temario, con ayuda de otros libros en Inglés y recursos encontrados por la red.

Pues bien, además de esto, acabo de encontrar oro puro pero en el campo de la educación digital,jejeje. ¡Power points en Inglés para Science!

Todos aquellos temas que queráis, de mil formas, super chulos y muy educativos e incluso algunos divertidos.

No me llevo comisión, ¡os lo juro! es simple y plena emoción y alegría, jajaja.

Os dejé el link en el apartado de SCIENCE RESOURCES, pero no obstante quería dar la noticia como post.


Ahora mi unidad 2: PLANTS, va a verse mucho más vistosa con todo esto, pero no tendré que recorrir 200 sitios para encontrar las cosas,ya que todo está allí.

¡Besitos y a sonreir!

PD:Dejad un comentario porfa...que me siento solita,jejeje.

Teacher Daniela.

First steps: Reading

Open publication - Free publishing - More primary

Reading can be interesting if you follow these instructions.
I hope you like it too!!
A big hug,
Daniela A. Ayala M.

miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Soundtracks... You'll be in my heart: Phil Collins

Hello again!!,
Today I've got another present for you. It's a beautiful song called "You'll be in  my heart"
I listened to this song last week while we were driving back home... ( Thanks Merche :P)

It remembers me wonderful moments, and as it's a so special song, I want to share it with you too.

Are you ready? Let's sing the song together, then!!!

Kisses and hugs,
Daniela A. Ayala M.

lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

A free picture dictionary :-)

Today I have got a present for you. Just click on the picture  and get the pdf.
It's a great PICTURE DICTIONARY, with lots of pictures and new words.
Do you want to learn more English? What are you waiting for?,
Click and download :P

I'm sure you will love it.

Have a nice  week!!!
A big hug,

Daniela A. Ayala M.

viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

UNIT 1: Living things or non- living things?

During this year, I'm gonna show you different items about science.
My first unit of work is about Living and Non- living things.
As an introduction I show you this interesting video that  explains us the basic differences between one and the other.

I hope you like it ;)

Daniela A. Ayala M.

miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

Supporting children learning ENGLISH as a second language

Hi there! I've just found an interesting book that supports the idea that I always defend: Teaching English as a second language as soon as possible :P

I really recommend you to read this and comment about that if you want to do so :P

Here is the link of a PDF .


Daniela A. Ayala M.

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Welcome back to school!!!

Hello everybody!!!

En estos días estamos empezando el curso en España. Por ello he buscado algunas webs interesantes desde donde podréis sacar recursos para dar a vuestros niños y a la vez decorar vuestras clases.
¡Espero que os gusten!
Muchos besitos,
Daniela A. Ayala M

miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Some interesting links for SCIENCE

Dear teachers,
Today I've started a new period at school. I'm  going to teach English and Science. My students will be on 5th grade of Primary Education.

I taught Science once, and I really liked the experience. But this time is a bit different, as my students won't have an English Science book as a reference and help.
They will have a Spanish one!

For this reason, I've decided to concentrate on this topic during the school year. 
I'm sure that more teachers are in the same circumstance, and it's important to teach this subjetc in the best way .

Most of you know me, and know how I work... yes, that's right, I'm gonna use the new technologies to complement the units.

I don't know the  contents they are going to be taught yet, but I can guess that these links will be really useful for me and you too.

Please, have a look at them, and if you have more info about teaching Science in the 3rd cycle of primary education, let me know as soon as possible.

Have a nice day,
lots of kisses,
Daniela A. Ayala M.