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I i f lrj!,,: .: r-- \ F--"-* \- \- *, r.r¡ t i ?,,::' ¡ i i'.=,:;,"r' z Ü,t,',t= zf I Numbers and Gounting Tableof Contents Number0.... Number1.... Number2.... N u m b e r s 3 a n .d . 4. . N u m b e r s 5 a n .d. . 6. NumbersTd .... an 8 N u m b e r s 9 a n d. . 10. Numberslto5 Numbers6to10. Countingto5.. CountingtolO. CountingtolO. CountingPractice. CountingPractice. C o u n t i n ga c t i c e . Pr MoreandFewer. MoreandFewer. More ounting actice.... C Pr M o r e C o u n t Pn g c t i c e . . . . i ra ......3 ......4 ......5 ......6 ......7 ......8 ......9 ....10 ...11 ....12 ....13 ....14 ........15 ........16 ........17 ...18 ...19 ......20 ......21 22 23 . . .24 . . .25 ...26 ...27 ...28 ...29 ....30 .....31 Numbers Dot-to-Dot. Numbers Dot-to-Dot. Numerical Order to 10 0 Numerical Order1 to 't0 Sequence Sequence Ordinal umbers N Ordinal umbers N ParentResourceGuide AnswerKey.. identiflring and writing the number I Numben I ?f Pooh Piglet sharing umbreila. thenumber betow. and are 1 Trace I li fi ti ti Édentifying and wr¡ting ihe number 2 ',/n,..'.... *\t-.-- - -,'7.- + 4;::'-".r 5 '*"*".or i***o Disney identif¡ring and writing the numbers 3 and 4 Numbens qhd 4 3 q.f {y' owl has3 dishes his shetf. on Draw2 cupson the bottom shelfso he witl have4 cupsaltogether. Then,tracethe numbers and 4 below. 3 l-i _ _.-¿. \ / r-i _____-_¿ '/-i r-i ____-_¿ '/-i '¿ ¿1 \ / I identif¡ring and writing the numbers 5 and 6 f aD.| :e : There 5 apptes are beside Pooh's basker and6 apples thebasket. in Trace the "rmbers 5 and 6 below. (. ( r-) l'_ ( (i r-j identif¡ring and writing the numbers 7 and 8 g Numbens ohd I 7 Poohand Pigletare rakingleaves. Thereare 7 leavesin the pot and g leaves the ground. on Trace numbers and g below. the 7 üe :, (,, vú 4 \ 4t : identifyring and writing - the numbers 9 and {O : . j Nunbens qhd 10 9 ry Rabbit sees9 grasshoppers 10 ladybugs the meadow. and in Trace numthe bers9 and10 below. \fhr R W [ ) O Ii . j I I I .l t$, / \ J-- ' g'orf i ¡ count¡ng, identifyring the numbers I to 5, prewriting skills I Nunbens to 5 Trace Tigger's bounce with yourpencil. Then, trace the numbers below. I I I ! \/ I v ti --a .r'\.t \, ---a, ,a 1 ,---\ / \ 1/ I fI ,g\ v-i \ / count¡ng, identifying the numbers6 to lO -€ffibsr-s 'F* 3i: & ( l'¡ :P Howmanybeesare lxzzingaround tree? the Circle bees. 7 Then,traceihe numbers beiow. (i ( t r, Counfingfo 5 ( t a ét Countthe different flowersPigletsees. Then,writethe number eachbox in thattells how manvthereare. : Counting 10 to HelpRabbit counthow manyof each vegetable has.Writethe numberín he eachbox. ffi tü* @[ üü $F ü 'ry'u+isf to Counting 10 t-. . ,- k# ^ Count whatPiglet in hiscupboard. eachmissing has Write number. count¡ng, number wr¡t¡ng, identif¡ring color words CountíngPnoctice Hereare someof the vegetables Rabbitpicked Follow directions the aboveeachbox. Colon 4 cqnnotgorqhge. Theh, fnqce fhe numben 4. TPPPPP Colon3 for¡otoegned.Theh, fnqce fhe numben 3. ó ó ó ó ó Colon 5 beqnggFeeh.Theh, fnqce fhe numben 5. )DD) -----iF-- It\ "'.,r..,t-*; Q., f sv Locxat tlreprciure i:ell'w. Ti-:en, answ€r questians the i:extpag*. the on ..:.-é¿ --:.-' {Q, ¿s # 6 Áuoumo¡{ ¿5 Áuoumo¡1 ¿5 a Áuoumo¡1 ec!+cD.¡¿ Bu¡¡unog count¡ng, compar¡ng, identifyring more and fewer lüone dhd Fewen HelpRabbit G""J.-i:countthe vegetables his garden. in Readthe questions below t ¡ l^ ,, p t9 Whichdoes Rabbithavemoreof? Circlethe answer. *--o Morert*g+ñfe Whichdoes Rabbithavefewerof? Circlethe answer. Fewerüt-@ffi' Fewenrt*óa' wffwff ?-? rü ?f *rff*Ir{rtr *ff'w*trwE {eüe¿ PqDa{ow 6u¡Á¡¡¡uep¡rEu¡reduroc ¡6u¡¡unoc IOTTIO¡ pue OIOUI count¡ng, read¡ng a chart lüone CounfingPnqctice €lfof; V First,look at the picture and drawa circlearound the character withthe mostballoons. Then. colorthe balloons in the chart below-asmany as belongto eachcharacter. Last,writethe number of balloons each in Lookat the square. to example helpyou. 'noÁ dlorlol elduexo aLl] lool 'ojpnbs le L{CeO sprq }o ur roqunuoql aluM 'lsel'rolcPreqs qoeeol6uo¡eq se ¡{ueu.r sB-Moloq oq} uEL|c ur sprq oqlroloc'uor.ll'spirq or.ll lsor.u rluMlolceleLlc punorealclrce ^ elp ot.ll ,l1$' pue arn¡crd le lool 'lsrll ,í ' ) orll ec!+cD.¡d 6r¡l+qnoc e.tow l¡erlc e Eu¡peer rEu¡¡unoc practicing numer¡cal order from I to 5 Numbeng Dot-to-Dof laughingl Connect dotsfrom1 to 5 in orderto findout the C-. !' Lookat Tigger whatmakes Tigger laugh. Then,finish coloring drawing. the JX pract¡c¡ng numer¡cal order from l t o l O Name. ( 0 2 fP Roois veryproud hispainting, of butwhathas he drawn? Cr:nnect dotsfromj to 10 in the order andyouw i l l f i n d out. Then, finish coloring drawing. the 0 0 O Disney pract¡c¡ng numer¡cal order from O to 10, prewriting skills a C-' !' Trace pathfrom0 to 10 to helpPoohqet to Pigiet's house. JY t ] practic¡ng numer¡cal order from I to lO, prewriting skills Nuhenicql OndenI to 10 Useyourpencil follow to Gopher,s path.Follow numbers order the in from1 to 10. r-G. g 9eguence ry Poohlooksout the windowand Second, First,Poohwakesup and stretches. the Number sun.Third,Poohgetsdressed. smilesat the morning pictures orderfrom 1 to 3 to showwhat Poohdoes in the morning. in 9eguence HelpEeyore rebuild house. his Number stepshe needsto the take in orderfrom 1 to 3. sequenc¡ng, pract¡c¡ng ordinal number concepts " - ; : ¡ , "' . . . ¡ ( I'e . ." . tl';'i ; : - ; . . . . j' ; . . "_:-1:i '" -: f¡, ilav¡ ¡.n arir.rit ip you clii i)rjl lne pictures ¡-r0ün h!Eirier:dslreii:¡'r. he of and l ' l ; ¡ : : i h e s e r r t e n r ec l . - l t e ne:.ri Ther¡,uiue each p i c i u r e n t h e s l ¡agc... i;r¡'r:ct piace starlinqtrc;rn írühisií.¡?. ine I H I L I F Q.-ü-'---' I I F I I I \ LA O O¡sney - _________ -1 I % 'ulqo¿.raqdo+g!.¡qc eeg o+ d!.J+ oq+uo al¡ll u! ow +eDl e.¡p i(oql .t|+ül+3uto3oo¿ puD DBuDl. 'eu!lu! 'q+.¡not l,eq¡ '6uop ecupp e.ip +!qqp¿puD.reBBLL. '+xeu geu¡oc qood. 9! P.¡!q+ eH 'uo6pr.r, 6,r¡pr.r,(eqr ewu! e.¡p pu'":f"1}-:'fi:'5J".j$rffi '+6,¡!+ sH 'uo6p$eW 8u¡¡pd a.JoÁe1. 9! 9! i' ' I . .', ,: _. . :outeN s¡dacuoc loqLunu 6u¡c¡¡ce.rd ¡6ulcuanbas leu!p¡o ParentResource Guide Helping Homew¡thNumbers at Helpyourchildrealize numbers a bigpartof eachandevery that are day. Findnumbers around house, thecar,at thegrocery all the in store, the on games, wayto school, etc. Lookat clocks, books, signs, timers, microwaves, speedometers, thermometers, television channels, newspapers, scoreboards, etc. qfu- Number yourchildusehisor herfinger Writing PracticeHave to ry writenumbers shaving in in in lid cream thebathtub, a shoebox covered with a layerof salt,or in sandin the sandbox. q!,¿- One-to-One Matching haveyour childfigureout how manyforks ry he will needto set at the dinner table. Add on to thatthe number of knives and spoons thatwill be needed. ?"&"e"8" B:.?\&'S,ñ ¿ € -?eee I : É" f E t (ft) , @eé i 6s 'g¿ a6o¿ ,ot@-. tra-@' ,@tt'-' ,@{F* g¡ a6od g "i"e#,t""'^"* 9 .^#^"**"" "¿s ,tueom.¡¡' 6P @@taQ T h """@ ru", u*" "o*"n"" dllr, '91a6o¿ ffiffiffi éw ffiffiffi tl E >l & '¿1 a6o¿ - "or@ G oI '¡ a6o¿ ; .-,",....", ",,"-"'..:;i,i:. { Poge 22. Poge 23. Poge 24. wi Poge 25. Page 26. f 6t --l I Poge ?7. Poges 28-29. " r;'"l ffi= --:z#b"=E-EFR rql tsBN 1-59394-537-X lilJill

Está claro que en el aula de infantil algo muy práctico y a la vez divertido son las rimas.Los ingleses nos ofrecen unas rimas muy buenas las cuales pueden ir muchas veces acompañadas de música,así que si eres bueno a la guitarra y aclaras bien tu voz,podrá quedarte una actividad excelente de cara a los peques.
Aquí te dejo un link muy bueno para ver ejemplos:

¡Espero que te gusten!

Aquí os dejo también una canción muy básica y entretenida que puede servirnos como "WARM UP" en nuestras clases de Inglés,inventando incluso un baile para los chicos.

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