jueves, 8 de mayo de 2008

The best messages for a good teacher

Para animaros un poquito, os añadiré aquí algunas cosillas encontradas, para recordar lo que hace ser un buen TEACHER.

Os adjunto también esta otra presentación dedicada sobre todo a los nuevos profesores.

Dado que la música que aparece en la presentación "ABC FOR NEW TEACHERS" me encantó desde la priemera vez que la escuché,os copio aquí la letra,para que la cantéis.Deja un mensaje cierto y bueno.

John McCutcheon

When I was a little kid, not so long ago,

I had to learn a lot of things I didn't really know,
How to dress myself, tie my shoes, how to jump a rope,
How to smile for a picture without looking like a dope.
But of all the things I learned, my favorite of them all,
Was the little poem hanging on the kindergarten wall.

Of all you learn here, remember this the best
Don't hurt each other and clean up your mess.
Take a nap every day, wash before you eat
Hold hands, stick together,
Look before you cross the street.
Remember the seed in the little paper cup,
First the root goes down, then the plant grows up!

It was first, second, third grade and fourth grade, too,
I had to learn the big things the big kids do,
How to add, subtract and multiply, read and write and play,
How to sit in a little uncomfortable desk for nearly half a day.
But of all the things they taught me, of all the great and small,
My favorite was the poem on the kindergarten wall.


Lately I've been worried as I look around and see
An awful lot of grownups acting foolish as can be.
I know there's lots of thing to learn, I haven't mastered yet,
Still it seems it's real important stuff that grownups soon forget.
I know we'd all be better off if we could just recall
That little poem hanging on the kindergarten wall.


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  1. Dear Daniela,
    You are doing a great job indeed. Congratulations for the love and care you show in your daily teaching.


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