jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Because I'm Happy - Pharrell Williams : Time for a Song

Happiness is the main objective in our lives and music always helps us to feel better.
For this reason, I have decided to sing this song with my students from 1st and 2nd level of E.S.O.
The video I'm sharing today is something special for me. I think it's full of energy and it spreads it everywhere, don't you think so?

This Karaoke version is amazing!! 
Let's sing it, dance it and learn it! and also... Yes!!! Let's learn English while we're singing it!

Clap along if you feel that that's what you wanna do!!!!

You can watch the original video in this LINK: The singer is Pharrell Williams

Take care!!!,
Daniela Andrea Ayala Molinari

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