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Best Audiobooks for kids on 23rd April: World Book Day!

Loving books? Read the best Audiobooks for Kids!

Hello my dear friends!! 

World Book Day is celebrated  this 23rd April  all over the world. 
Are you planning anything at school?

Every year, students and teachers do special activities to motivate students and teach them the importance of reading...

I think reading is one of the best treasures we've got in our lives. Everybody can have a book. You can buy it or take it from the libraries. Also, it's very common to find a book at a very low prize in Old Book Fairs.
So... there's no excuse! We can all read a book!!! ;-D

Today, I'll show you some different websites that contains audiobooks. Have you ever listened to a book and read one? Here is your opportunity!
It's a great idea! don't you think so?

Now you can listen to some audiostories in your car while you're driving to school!!! It is also  used when doing some sports ;) Great idea then!!! :D

Other sites

Moreover, it's interesting to download Apps with good audiobooks. This LINK gives you some  ideas to be used in iOS and Android. Look!!!

See you in a next post!!
Enjoy Book Day!
Hugs and kisses,
Teacher Daniela A. Ayala M.

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