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Back to School: Materials and ideas for the first days at school

Dear teachers,
In this article I present you some good materials we, as teachers of English, can use in our first days at school.
During the first month of school, we're ready to list the main things we need , and I want to help you in this task.
Don't you know what materials are the best? I'll show you some good ones that I'm sure you'll love too.

First of all, let me show you this great book: Schooltime borders. Thanks to this book, you can create your own posters and nice messages to give the best welcome to our students, as well as creating behaviour lists, birthday lists, and so on... There's also available a CD inside the book (mac and microsoft) .


Have a look at this nice elephant, isn't it cute? ;)

Futhermore, I'm sure you love the first day at school, as well as celebrating birthdays, carnival, christmas, etc... this book above is the best one, because it gives you everything you need in these special moments. Just click in the image and read more info about this.

Celebrations and School events is also available at La Tienda del Profesor

Our children will love these pictures and nice messages, ideal for the first days at school, don't you think so?

All these materials are available at LA TIENDA DEL PROFESOR, placed in Madrid and Las Rozas, but you can also contact them through the internet.
This is the CONTACT LINK.
All the materials you need are there, I promise ;) it's a wonderful shop  for teachers ;) 

To sum up, I want to share with you this lovely song; in fact, it's my favourite one, because when I was a child, I used to sing it with my daddy during my way to school ;)

Do you like this article?? pleaseeeee, comment and write down your opinion, it's important for me as a teacher and a blogger too.Thank youuu!!!!

Let's start the course 2011-2012!!
Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.

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  1. Gracias, tus materiales son fantásticos.

  2. Qué guay! Conozco la tienda, he comprado ahí varias veces, pero estos libros no los había visto.
    La canción me encanta...yo no he tenido oportunidad de ponérsela a los niños todavía...como no he empezado curso con ellos...a ver si este año tengo suerte y puedo empezarlo ya, que creo que ya me toca...
    Un besote y sigue así, tu página es genial!

  3. Muy chulos los materiales y la canción! Muchas gracias!!!

  4. Gracias por los materiales, la próxima vez que vaya a Madrid, tengo que pasarme, que ya me han recomendado la tienda varias personas.
    La canción me ha gustado mucho, no conocía esa versión.
    Te seguiré leyendo por aquí. Tus blogs me parecen muy interesantes y útiles. Este curso que comienza es mi segundo ejerciendo como maestra de Infantil de apoyo y además, llevo el Inglés de toda la etapa, por lo que no es la primera vez que recurro a este sitio ;-)

    Te deseo un estupendo curso escolar, que vaya todo muy bien. Gracias por todo lo que cuelgas.
    Un saludo


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