jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

Summer is here! : Summer Wordsearches

Hello!!! During these days, the temperature has increased a lot in Spain, so there are some hours that it's a bit difficult to go out with children.

This is the reason why I was looking for different tasks to do at home, or school, with our children.

As the topic is Summer, it would be nice to do some of these wordsearches. If your children are not so young, you can suggest them to create their own summer wordsearch, adding pictures and coloring them too.

Do you like the idea?

Have a look at these websites and choose the best one for you and your children.


Teacher Daniela, @DanielaAyalaM


Summer Word Search 1
Funschool-Kaboose summer word search
Nick summer wordsearch (ideal to use with a personal computer, ipad, or digital boards)

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  1. Hello teacher :
    Buenoo !! profe , cuanto tiempo que tal !? por alli ee?¿ jaja por aki bn , bueno esperando a que llegue el cole aber si te vemos jaja adios bs .


Thank you for your message! Come back soon! :D