domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Free songs to be downloaded

Dear friends,
Today I have a good present for you all. A useful website!! I'm sure you love songs, don't you?
Have a look at this website and download different songs to be used in your daily English lessons.

Lots of kisses,

Daniela A. Ayala M.

ABC songs

5 comentarios:

  1. Hola profe :
    Muy interesante lo de la musica jejeje .Adios BS.

  2. Thanks a lot , this is great for my classes. I add to my favourites. Have a nice week Daniela!!

  3. ¡Qué bonito es! Así podemos estudiar mejor el abc en inglés. Gracias por ponerlo, Besos;
    Maite López 5ºA

  4. hello teacher how you can download the music you say? want to hear it put that beautiful goodbye jejejje professional. : D

  5. I love the music, is beautiful.


Thank you for your message! Come back soon! :D