jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Learning new skilss: SEMAPHORE FLAGS

Dear children,
Today We've learnt something new, the Semaphore flags!!
Remember that you have to study your NAME using these signs, and if you want you can also learn the name of a classmate or my name :).

Enjoy this task, and don't forget to build up your own flags, It's not difficult, right?

Have a nice weekend,


PS: Here you've got a link where you can find the semaphore flags and the correspond letters for each one.


This is what YOU have to do next week. Your classmates will guess what name you are saying and we will spell different words using these nice semaphore flags.

5 comentarios:

  1. are beatiful the video but say your name or no .

  2. hello teacher el video de las señales en muy chulo aprendes diferentes tipos de singos bye profe

  3. It is beautiful Claudia, but in this case this is not my name ;) You have to create your name using the signs.

  4. ok teacher :
    pero no te keria decir eso te keria decir es que me es espresado mal k si en el video la k esta haciendo lo de las bandras dice su nombre o no .

  5. Esta bien el video pero sin sonido y sinsaber lo que dice y sin sonido es un poco rollo.Xaoooooo.


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