jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

Christmas doors in Méntrida: They did it and it worked!

Hello!!! Today I want to introduce you the great work that some colleagues from Luis Solana school have done for Christmas.
Pilar is a friend of mine and she saw the ideas I published on the blog, so she decided to do it in her school with the other teachers.
The result couldn't be better :D. I'm proud of them all and I really like seeing how people use the ideas I share in my blogs in the best way :D.

Congrats to all of them, and thank you for the great job they've done!!
I think it's interesting to see how others put on practice the things we suggest.
If you want to do the same with other things, please don't doubt it and write me an e-mail.

Thank you for being here, reading my posts.

A big hug and kiss,
Daniela A. Ayala Molinari.

These are the Christmas doors they did for Christmas :D.

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