miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The three billy goats

Dear friends,
during these days I was remembering a list of stories that I used to be told by my daddy .
Once I wrote the list I chose this one to be the first one on this term.
Today, I've told this story using a BIG BOOK. 3 year old students love the story, the pictures and the activities proposed after that.
It's so amazing to see these youngsters laugh and enjoy the English lessons...
This is my motivation, their beautiful and happy faces ;-).

I've found a nice and well adapted story for these children on youtube and of course, I want to share it with you too.
It's not adapted for 3 year old studets but, you can use the pictures to tell the story using your owns and without using the sound given.

Aquí os dejo un estupendo link con ideas para crear tu propia Unidad Didáctica y actividades para el cuento:

And... for everyone, this wonderful ebook, that can be used in the classroom too. I will use it with the interactive digital board ;-)

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  1. Añado aquí una actividad, que encontré en este link:
    Es un puzle chulo, y podéis usar la PDI para realizarlo, así es más interactivo y divertido.

  2. Aquí tenéis otro link, pero esta vez para colorear.



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