sábado, 3 de octubre de 2009

Ready for HALLOWEEN???

Ha, ha, ha,...Halloween!!! hummm, it's coming!! and I'm so happy for that...in fact I'm planning to organize a halloween party at home, we'll see,hehehe. I promise some photos in case it happens...
These days some shoppings are starting selling some fancy dreses, masks, make-up, ETC, and everything is because of Halloween.
It's time for pumpkins, witches and ghosts...it's time to have fun!!!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do at my new school...but as I have some ideas,something will happen,hehehe.
Here you've got some ideas, resources, printables, worksheets, etc, to be ready for Halloween.
Don't panic, relax and enjoy!!!ha ha ha ha....
shhh, the ghost is coming :P
Daniela Ayala Molinari.

Halloween Simple Phonics 1 A4


Cuidado con este, no os asustéis,jejeje.


Una canción que puede ser útil...

What Are You for Halloween

A good chant for Halloween

Halloween Chant

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